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We protect your website for you with regular updates, virus scans and secure hosting.

To website maintenance is more than just adding new content. It’s about installing security and performance patches, pro-actively seeking out vulnerabilities and maintaining a safe browsing experience for our clients and their website visitors.

Content updates are an important part of what we do as fresh content added on a regular basis will greatly improve organic traffic from search engines. But just as important and often overlooked, is the security benefits that regular website maintenance will provide.

There are hundreds of millions of websites live on the internet today. Many of these sites were built by web designers for clients and then handed over with little to no training provided for the owners on how to maintain their websites in the future. Subsequently a huge number of websites are vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated hackers who are looking for easy targets for their activities.

Our website maintenance services offer peace of mind to our clients and costs much less than the cost of hiring an in-house web developer.

Take a look below at what’s included in our website maintenance packages:

Website Maintenance - Helping Protect Websites

Regular website maintenance helps protect your website by ensuring it is running the latest versions of any platform or plugins. Adding new content regularly also helps encourage search engines to rank your website more prominently in their results pages.

Your Website Experts

Safe secure and fresh websites – It’s what we do.

If you were to walk into an airport and was then asked to stand in for the regular pilot and fly a plane with a couple of hundred passengers into an airport thousands of miles away, would you junp at the chance? Or would you protest you didn’t have a clue on where to start and suggest they find somebody qualified to take control before making a hasty retreat to the exit?

Most business owners are experts in their field. Plumbers, builders, mechanics, engineers, florists, restaurant owners, soicitors, accountants… there are hundreds more. Most now have websites but have very little idea on how to get the most out of them.

You may have invested hundreds or even thousands of pounds in getting your website online and then been left feeling disappointed by the lack of business it’s generated. And this is much more common than you might think. The simple truth is inexperience in how a website works, lack of time and lack of trust in getting the right people to carry out work on a website all mean the majority of websites tend to get forgotten about, which is an open invitation to cyber criminals to hack into them. are here to help. We’re extremely cost-effective, knowledgeable, trustworthy and we can make a big difference to your online presence with our regular website maintenance services.

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