SSL secured – protecting your site visitors

SSL’s were once only used by high end e-Commerce websites. Today they should be used for every type of website.

In fact, Google now warns users if a website is unsecured and lists websites that are SSL secured higher in its search results pages than those that aren’t.

Whether you run a large e-Commerce website or a small brochure type website it should be protected with an SSL certificate. This helps prevent data being transmitted via the website from being intercepted by hackers who can steal information to be used maliciously.

We secure each and every website we host with a minimum 128-bit SSL certificate which provides protection for each of our clients website visitors and ensures any insecure warnings are removed by Google.

Internet users are becoming much more aware of websites that are insecure and will often leave a website that isn’t showing a padlock in the address bar in favour of websites that are.

SSL secured websites

Securing your website with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cerrtificate increases trust and provides protection for your website visitors.

Protecting Websites. Protecting Reputations.

Building trust online

Trust is a big factor when it comes to buying online. SSL certificates help by showing the visitor of a website that the company they’re dealing with cares enough about their safety online to secure communications sent to them from their web server.

When you received your post this morning how many of the letters that arrived came in an envelope? And how many didn’t? An SSL certificate essentially acts as an envelope protecting the data sent from contact forms or order forms on your website from prying eyes.

You wouldn’t send personal letters through the post without an envelope. You shouldn’t expect your website visitors to send personal details unprotected over the internet either.

Installing an SSL certificate on your website shows your visitors you care about their safety and privacy online. All our clients websites hosted with us are provided with a free SSL certificate.

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