Simple. Fast. Effective.

You service your car or van regularly, right? And you make sure your premises are cleaned every day too? But what about your website?

It’s often the first impression new customers will have about your business when they’re looking for what you do online but many business owners simply ignore what is probably the best source of leads for their business!

We’re helping businesses keep their websites up to date and more secure with our maintenance and updates packages.

  • We like to keep things simple so how about we scan your website for malicious software automatically?
  • We don’t like hanging about waiting for things to get done either. So, we promise to complete any update request fast and within the time specified in our agreement.
  • Keeping websites safe and improving their presence online means our clients benefit from effective changes every day, week and month of the year.

Here’s how it works…

What we do

We’re committed to helping each of our clients maintain a safe and secure website that is full of fresh, engaging content. Updating your content is as easy as sending us an email with your and leaving the rest to us.

Keeping your website in tip-top condition

Stay one step ahead of your competition!

Making regular changes to your website content can have a big effect on where Google and other search engines rank it on their results pages. Search engines like to send their visitors to websites that are fresh and up to date so adding new content regularly will improve your search ranking over time. If you’ve neglected your website in the past and your competitors have been keeping theirs updated, chances are they will be attracting more organic search traffic than you.

Running the latest versions of WordPress, Joomla or other popular platforms will also help protect your website from unwanted attention.

Simple Website Maintenance

Once you’ve chosen the best updates package for your business we’ll ask you to send us your website hosting and login information so we can get to work on your first updates.

You can send any updates to and they can include text, images, edited videos or anything else that you might need changed, edited or removed from any page on your website.

As soon as we’ve completed your update we’ll email you a link so you can check you’re 100% happy with the work we’ve carried out.

Depending on the package you’ve chosen, we’ll email you regularly to remind you to send us new content. If you don’t have anything for us to add at anytime we will edit META data on your site to help improve your search engine rankings. We’ll also monitor your website and install any updates your platform may need monthly or weekly to ensure your website is running the latest version.

Keeping your data safe

We’ll also backup your website for you (if we’re hosting it) and keep these backups securely for up to 3 months. Just in case.

Websites are constantly at risk from unscrupulous hackers who will probe websites for any vulnerabilites and attempt to take them over or inject malicious code which can be used to infect site visitors PC’s. We will carry out security scans on your website every month, week or day (depending on your package) to identify any malicious code which we will then remove if dscovered.

All updates we work on are seamlessly integrated into existing pages and carefully reviewed before we publish them to check for typos or spelling mistakes.

Ready to get started?

We’re ready to help you protect your website and update it with fresh, new content! Choose from one of 4 website maintenance packages and we’ll get started straight away.