Disaster recovery – should the worst happen!

Website hackers are constantly looking to break into websites. And when they do they can unleash all sorts of chaos.

If your website is hacked then often your best bet is to restore your website from an earlier backup.

Hackers can take over a website and demand a ransom to restore the site and, if regular backups haven’t been saved, can mean the only way to gain control of your website again is to pay the ransom or start the website from scratch.

Regular backups should be kept remotely to protect them rather than kept on the same server as your website files. WebsiteUpdaters.co.uk manually backup and download files which are then stored safely and securely so that if a website is attacked it can quickly be restored to an earlier version.

We investigate any compromised websites to establish what vulnerabilites existed so any patches can be installed to prevent further attacks occuring again.

Recovering your data if your website is hacked is just one of the services we provide. We take regular backups of your website to minimise data loss.

Common Website Hacks

Think your website is too small to be a target for hackers?

Think again…

Hackers are constantly seeking opportunities to hack into websites which can then be used as a vehicle to redirect traffic (your website visitors) to websites laden with malicious code. They can also send out spam emails from your mail server (which can result in your domain being added to a blacklist resulting in genuine email not being delivered) and spread viruses from your website which can cause serious trust issues for your business. They can inject ads onto your website which can be linked to illegal or spammy content or they may take your website down and ask for a ransom from you for it to be restored resulting in a loss of business and potentially a loss of money if you pay up.

Being pro-active in keeping your website code up to date and performing regular security scans is one way of helping to protect your website from hackers reducing potential costs and headaches in the future.

Learn more about common hacks below:

Blacklist Checks
Malware Downloads
Suspicious iFrames
Heuristic Virus
Suspicious Code
Suspicious Connections
Suspicious Activity

…and many, many more!

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