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Website Maintenance & Security

24/7 Website Protection

24/7 Website Protection

Regular maintenance helps protect your website from security vulnerabilites
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Malware Removal

Malware Removal

We’ll remove any malware we find during our daily, weekly or montly website security scans
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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Regular backups ensure your website can be recovered should the worst happen
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SSL Secured Websites

SSL Secured Websites encrypt data transmitted around the internet. A must-have today
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Website Security Scans

Website Security Scans

Daily, weekly or monthly website security scans help keep your website free from malware
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Secured Hosting

Secured Hosting

Secured hosting is one part of ensuring your website is protected from malicious attacks
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6 great reasons to work

We're based in the UK

We’re located in Norwich and look after clients across the United Kingdom and beyond.

We're reliable

Our UK based servers are housed in secure managed datacentres and boast a 99.9% uptime.

We're here for you

We build lasting relationships with our clients and look after each website as if it were our own.

We're fast

Most content updates are completed within 48hrs of us receiving them from clients.

We're inexpensive

With website maintenance packages starting from 82p per day, we’re affordable for any business.

We're easy to contact

We can be contacted via our freephone number or email and always aim to reply within 1 working day.

Our Website Maintenance Services

Content, security and performance upgrades

Regular website maintenance is a key ingredient to a healthy and successful website. We carry out website maintenance every day for clients which helps keep their websites fresh and secure.

Content updates help show your site visitors something new when they return to your website. Security and performance upgrades are best installed as soon as possible. Learn more about what we do below

Content updates
Security updates
Performance updates
Search Engine Friendly

Protecting your website data

Daily, weekly or monthly website backups

We take regular backups of your website just in case the worst happens and your website is compromised. We can quickly restore your website to the latest version before disaster struck reducing website downtime and loss of business.

Backup, backup, backup!
Disaster Recovery
Database backups

Improving website security

Security patches are released by major platforms like WordPress and Joomla on a regular basis. We'll install them when they're available

Keeping your website up to date with the latest security releases helps prevent problems caused by hackers. Keeping on top of the constant stream of security updates can be daunting. Relax. We’ll take care of it for you!

Content Management Systems
Server security
Peace of mind

Keeping content fresh

Regular content updates are important too!

Your website visitors are important, right? So making sure they are getting the latest information regarding your business shows you care. It also shows search engines that you are a good source of up to date information.

Text changes
META data
Blog posts

Sometimes it's best to start over

We design fully responsive, search engine friendly websites to latest industry standards. If your website is looking dated it may be a good time to think about having it redesigned. Ask us for more details.

Remember, a poorly designed websites is just as bad as not having a website at all. Websites have a shelf life of 3-5 years, after which they should be redesigned as technology and coding practices constantly evolve.

Basic HTML
Content Managed Websites
E-commerce websites

Regular website security scanning

Our monthly, weekly or daily website security scans detect malicious code which can then be removed

Hackers are attacking websites every day with thousands affected each week. Many website owners are oblivious to the risks of their website being taken over and are completely unprepared when it does happen. Our security scans help identify any potentially damaging code which can then be investigated and removed. No website can ever be 100% secure but continued diligence and actions help mitigate against on-going threats.

Proactive Detection
Efficient Monitoring
Global Protection

Removing malware quickly is vital

Once a website has been compromised it's important to remove any malware as quickly as possible

If your website is hacked the perpetrator can carry out a number of activities to suit their agenda. This could be as simple as adding some spam links to other websites, defacing your website or installing malware to infect users PC’s. It is therefore very imortant that any security breaches are identified quickly and action taken to reduce damage to your website and your visitors PC’s.

Common website hacks
Prevention is better than cure

Encrypting data

Ensuring transmitted data is secure

SSL secured websites are a must for any website owner. All the websites we host are secured with an SSL Certificate which prevents any data transmitted being intercepted by a 3rd party. Most browsers routinely warn visitors if a website they are trying to visit is insecure, resulting in loss of traffic.

Server Side Firewall
Brute Force Detection
Scheduled Backups
Server Side Virus Scans

A Website Application Firewall or WAF, helps keep the bad guys at bay

Your car is locked and alarmed, your home has secure windows and doors all to help keep unwanted visitors out. But what about your website?

Hackers are a persistant bunch. They are constantly evolving their strategies to find vulnerabilities they can exploit in order to break into your website. New threats are discovered every day so keeping your website secure is just as important as protecting your home or your car. Here’s how a Website Application Firewall can help.

Vaccinations do work
Stress less.

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